how to choose the mortgage

The Guide, downloadable from this page and also on the website , takes its cue from the many requests and concerns related to the world of mortgages collected daily by both consultants and UNC branches, which can be summarized in a question. : how to choose the mortgage that best meets your needs ?

There are many factors to consider, and the solutions are neither trivial nor suitable for everyone in the same way. Is a fixed or variable rate convenient? How to evaluate TAN and Taeg? How to adjust the installment, amount and duration of the mortgage? Which mortgage insurance are mandatory?

The Guide “How to choose the mortgage?”, Answers these and many other questions, also providing a useful vademecum with advice “not to be forgotten” .

How to choose the mortgage?
Massimiliano Dona, President of the National Consumer Union , presents the Guide: ‚ÄúThere is mortgage and mortgage. Finding the right mortgage solution also means saving hundreds of euros a year. and today thanks to online comparators it is easier. Just to help consumers in this operation, the Guide created by UNC in collaboration with was born “.

“It is necessary to dispel two myths – says Roberto Anedda, Marketing Director of – the convenience of your bank and the ‘do it yourself’: rarely your bank is also the one that offers the best mortgage conditions on the market, and make a Mortgage with another bank does not oblige to change institutions nor does it entail an increase in costs. A large number of different offers must therefore be evaluated, and ‘do it yourself’ can generate errors. It is good to compare many offers through the services that allow you to do so in total transparency, with the possibility of also enjoying assistance and advice for choosing the mortgage “.

“Choosing a mortgage – states the lawyer Dona – is a ‘for life’ decision, which can have a weight on the family budget in the long run , for this reason it is essential to weigh the choice by evaluating the amount, installment, duration, income, future expenses . To evaluate all these factors, the support of experts is important , without being influenced by the experience of friends and relatives: on the other hand, it is not certain that a mortgage suitable for our neighbor is also suitable for us! “

The Guide is also enriched by a section dedicated to the choice of the notary , with many useful tips to help consumers evaluate their performance and costs in advance and thus be able to decide which notary to turn to for their needs.

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