As unfortunate as it is, discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes, be it race, caste, gender, orientation, religious beliefs and many others. As a society, we, fortunately have yet to come to a place where we eradicate discrimination altogether. But that does not mean we can’t fight it every chance we get. If you face discrmination at your workplace, you shouldn’t just face it. Instead, there are steps you can take to fight against it which are as follows;

Inform Your Employer

This is the first step you can take in your fight against discrimination. If a supervisor or a fellow colleague is subjecting you to discrimination of any kind in the workplace, your employer should know about it. Know that there are different kinds of discrimination you can be subjected to, be it direct or indirect and you shouldn’t let it go by. Instead, inform your employer and demand that he takes steps against it to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. It also helps to go through your company policy against discrimination and see what rights you are entitled to in the workplace.

Keep The Evidence

If you receive any objects, photos,  letters, or anything else as an outcome of discrimination from a colleague, you should keep them with yourself to keep as evidence instead of throwing them away. Anything that seems discriminatory or falls in the category of harassment, you should keep a track of. It also helps to keep a log of when and what happened so you have a count of the workplace harassment you were subjected to if the need came to present it to either your employer or for your employment lawyer adelaide. The perpetrators of discrimination have gotten away with it for the longest time and it’s time that they become accountable!

Consult An Employment Lawyer

If neither of those things work out and you still face discrimination in your workplace be it race, age or gender, you should seriously consider hiring an employment lawyer and take it up legally. You are unlikely to tell your employer if he himself is the perpetrator or if it’s your colleagues, your employer may look away. In those cases, know that you have a legal right to take it up with a lawyer and discrimination is a serious offence in most parts of the world. Don’t be afraid to shy away from your right and do anything and everything in your power to ensure that it doesn’t happen again for you or for anyone after you. Employment lawyers are specialists who deal specifically in wrongdoings and obstruction of rights in the workplace and they are someone who can help make sure you get your due!

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